Siena – Amsterdam – Denver 2015 – 2017

We lived between Amsterdam and Siena for two years.  It was a crazy, daring and wonderful time.  It was also particularly interesting to me to experience the two extremely different realities of those places at the same time, while always having a cultural anchor in Denver as well.  Amazingly, I managed to write one post for each month of our two-year sojourn into the Netherlands.

  1. From Small to SmallerIMG-20160306-WA0016
  2. Bikes!
  3. Trying to Follow My Own Advice
  4. Somewhere Between Progress and Tradition
  5. One More Bite
  6. Family
  7. Get out!
  8. Ik Niet Nederlands Spreken
  9. Boats Everywhere!
  10. Beer All Over the Place
  11. It’s Complicated
  12. Keep Playing
  13. Home is Still Home
  14. One Year Done, One to Go
  15. Europe Is A Beautiful Mess 
  16. Endings, Then Beginnings Again
  17. How Much Is Actually Yours?
  18. A Tale of Two Worlds:Amsterdam and Sicilia
  19. Some For Me and Some For You
  20. The Best Medicine
  21. I Have to Say
  22. More Holidays
  23. Someone, Somewhere In Denver
  24. Tot Ziens Amsterdam!