16. Endings, Then Beginnings Again

No insights on Italy, The Netherlands, or our lives all over the place for this post, though there will be plenty more of those to come. Just a quick thought and a video of Sean’s second year.  I guess it’s all over the place from Sean’s perspective this time

Quick thought:

When you look forward to something excitement builds. Projections on what might be are made, plans are concocted, and the imagination runs wild. Finally, whatever it was that had you so excited is upon you and you’re wrapped up in the moments. Then, everything that you waited for, giddy with expectation, runs its course and it’s over.  There you are, looking for the next thing to look forward to.

This cycle of looking forward to being in Amsterdam or having Marianna and Sean here in Siena has become familiar now, but every ending to each small chapter is still so hard to get used to.  I totally understand Sean’s resistance to bedtime. 4 books are never enough, and neither are 5 or 6. For him, bedtime means closing out the day and is comparable to when I have to force myself back onto a plane after 3 weeks of being with my wife and son. All of us would like to just keep the good times rolling.

Three Generations

The last three weeks were a wonderful break from separation. We were lucky enough to have my parents visit first in Italy for Sean’s birthday party and then we all went Amsterdam to witness the new extension to our lives.  We even took a side trip to Eindhoven, where a short chapter in my parent’s lives began and ended way before they had a son or a grandson.

Just one month ago there were so many things to look forward to. Sean’s birthday, adventures in Siena, adventures in Amsterdam, and a seemingly infinite three weeks. Inevitably, Sean’s Grandparents had to go back home, and I had to come back to Siena. Everything was wonderful and now my sights are set on the next time we’ll all be back together.

Here’s Sean all over the place in his second year.

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