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My wife moved to Amsterdam for a two-year research project. Don’t worry, we’re still married AND we have a one-year-old son.  His name is Sean. I live in Italy.  We go back and forth a lot.


It occurred to me that I’m not really living what most consider a normal life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually quite happy with the state of things and normalcy has never really been a requirement for me anyway. Of course, I would like to be with my wife and son all of the time, but living between Siena, Italy and Amsterdam, Holland is a pretty unique thing for an American from Denver.

I know that this will be temporary, so while I’m living this unique situation, I thought I’d write about it from my point of view.  So, here it is ladies and gentlemen: A blog about… An American who’s lived in Siena, Italy for 13 years and who sometimes goes to Amsterdam to be with his wonderful wife and Son. I’ll try not to offend anyone or sound ignorant although regarding Amsterdam, The Netherlands, being a father and so much more, I am still a bit of a novice, so please be patient.

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  • Beautiful pictures and a laudable initiative. Bravo Mike! Very useful for all of us who want to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with one of our favorite families in the world. Only, I think you should switch the left and and right pictures above. So it won’t look as you were giving your back to the beautiful views of Siena and Amsterdam instead of looking forward to them. Un abbraccio Mike, spero di vederti presto. Silva

  • mi candido come traduttore dei testi in italiano e propongo un titolo per il blog. Miiiike, the U.S.A. man. Dove U sta per United States, S per Siena, A per Amsterdam. Che cazzarola di ideologa sarei. Quasi quasi mi candido per il PD. Take care bro.

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